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Pelican Arts Studio

The Pelican Arts Studio — primary working space for resident artist Tom Cardarella — is no longer one of the 39th Street Studios in the Gateway Arts Center @ Brentwood.  It is currently a virtual studio awaiting rebirth into a new physical space in the Gateway Arts district, or perhaps elsewhere.

To find more information about the Gateway Arts Center and the Gateway Arts District go to these web sites:

Many of Tom's artworks can be seen here at Pelican Arts.  You can also see some of Tom's drawings and paintings in the gallery, and in the Artomatic catalog.

2013 Gateway Open Studio Tour

May 11, 2013 – 12:00-5:00 pm
Pelican Arts will not participate in
but highly recommends the 2013
Gateway Open Studio Tour

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Pelican Arts Live

The Pelican Arts Live section was a calendar of events (mostly musical, mostly "acoustic") in the Washington, D.C. area.  Due to lack of traffic here, and since there are other more useful and more thorough online calendars, this section was discontinued.

Here are a few other calendars you might find useful:

   WFMA (World Folk Music Association):
   Mary Cliff/Traditions:
   Musi-Cal Concerts:

And, of course, you can always use your favorite search engine to find the web sites of your favorite performers and venues.

Quotes & Excerpts

This section contains random quotes and written excerpts that appealed to me for some reason.  They come from various sources – mostly books, at least one verbal comment, perhaps some song lyrics.  Many are funny, some contain striking ideas, some are (perhaps) beautifully written, all are meant to be interesting, to stimulate thought about either form or content.


These are some of the organizations that I support as a member, a donor or a volunteer.  (Click on a logo to visit their web site.)

 - the art forum
"the art forum" - a community of DC area artists
Artomatic - By Artists, For Everyone
An occasional arts extravaganza - "By Artists, For Everyone"
Folk/acoustic music in Rockville, Alexandria...
Joe's Movement Emporium - Rare. Gritty. Brilliant.
Joe's Movement Emporium
Performing arts center - "Rare. Gritty. Brilliant."
Gateway CDC
Gateway Community Development Corp.
The Gateway Arts District of Prince George's County, Md.
Hyattsville Community Artists Alliance
Hyattsville Community Artists Alliance
An artist collective in the Hyattsville, Md., area
Arlington Arts Center
Arlington Arts Center
Artist studios and galleries
Arlington Philharmonic
The Arlington Philharmonic
D.C. Arts Center
D.C. Arts Center
An art gallery and a black-box theatre
Washington Project for the Arts
Washington Project for the Arts

American Civil Liberties Union
American Civil Liberties Union
The Brights Net
The Brights  [I'm a bright.  Are you?]
"illuminating & elevating the naturalistic worldview"
The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
[formerly CSICOP] publisher of Skeptical Inquirer magazine
Council for Secular Humanism
Council for Secular Humanism
publisher of Free Inquiry magazine
James Randi Educational Foundation
James Randi Educational Foundation
Skeptics Society
Skeptics Society
publisher of Skeptic magazine
For more information contact
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